Nascent/lugols Iodine and NDF for brain fog, anxiety and detox

I’ve been singing the praises of sarcosine for a few months basically because it kept my panic attacks in check, then i was feeling anxious about not being able to buy sarcosine, I was doing a lot of heavy metal detox the past few years and I developed these mercury panic attacks that were totally debilitating, i struggled to get lorazepam off my doctor to help with the panic attacks, I decided to try iodine and its totally cured the panic attacks only thing I can think is its shifted the mercury from my neuro’s, I feel totally relaxed with better mental clarity and I’ve halved my meds to boot, NDF is supposed to be the most effective product for detoxing metals, so im using the two combined, just thought id share that nugget since its well documented, that mercury, lead and copper toxicity cause schizophrenia, I once challenged a psychiatrist about this, she looked very sheepish and defensive like i’d hit on something she didnt want me to know