Narrow interests

i kinda mentioned this yesterday, but i don’t have many interests, it seems when i add an interest i lose a previous interest. two things im losing interest in is sports and music, i still like music but it’s not worth the effort to search for music i like so i don’t. i am probably interested in like 10 things or less, fitness, health and nutrition, herbal medicine, travel, scotland and ireland, and now im trying to get into mythology haha. i don’t have many interests and psychology and psychiatry are not one of them. i only know what i need to know about my meds and my condition, i trust my pdoc and focus on things i want to focus on just like before i was diagnosed.

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Sounds like a healthy way to go about it. I think you have the right constructive interests anyway


That’s a lot! You’re fine. Don’t worry about it


you have more interests than I do by far. Nothing seems to captivate me these days. I think I might die of boredom.


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