Narcissistic word salad

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Interesting stuff. Makes me wonder if personality disorders can mimic some form of thought disturbance. I say this because of hand to hand accounts with people who suffer from a personality disorder.

Don’t have something solid to accuse your supply victim of? Use word salad to fabricate a placeholder.

I can see how this article could be useful to someone trapped in an abusive relationship and struggling with self-blame, but it isn’t very accurate. In my experience, narcissists don’t intentionally employ these methods to cause pain. The genuinely see the world this way, and are arguing what they see as the truth. They don’t seem to WANT to cause harm, and often want to think they aren’t causing harm at all. It is just that, because they don’t see other people as real human beings with thoughts and feelings as complex as their own, they act on their own wants, even when it causes direct pain to others.

The end result is still abuse, but understanding why is very important. Narcissists aren’t subhuman monsters. They are people with very deep flaws that can make them dangerous to interact with. Treating them as incomprehensible, sadistic monsters won’t help abuse survivors in the long term, because they will take that same logic and apply it to themselves, and start seeing themselves as monsters also. All people are people, even the ones who do really awful things.


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