Nano Delusions [triggerwarning]


Anybody here have delusions of nanotech being implanted in their brains? I came up with nanotech being implanted in my brain by myself without ever looking it up. Turns out darpa is actually working on it rn. Scary stuff…

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I had that delusion. Thought I had a brain chip. Turns out it was just adrenochrome buildup from chronic brain inflammation due to a weak blood-brain barrier and intestinal lining.

The chronic brain inflamed state triggers the release of adrenaline, which accumulates in the brain and doesn’t metabolize properly due to the inflammation. It instead oxidizes and forms adrenochrome, which causes you to trip 24/7 much like LSD does. LSD’s mechanism of action is increasing adrenochrome secretion, so it’s basically the same thing.

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Adrenochrome, sounds familiar isn’t that the mythical drug from hunter thompsons’s fear and loathing? I have heard about the inflamation hypothesis. How did you check this?

Yeah I had tons of adrenaline, and after a while immense stress. It started out with seeing neon heads in things then people I knew before I fell asleep.

But by the end I had 3D graphics that looked like dated computer games I could litteraly see the pixels in the 3d simulations projected over my vision. First “they” showed me 2006 type graphics but then I got shown 2016 type graphics, if that makes sense. I even had computer graphics in my dreams once in a while. Also voices with different angles, like one I call Voice of God that one is semi surround, seems to come from 180 degrees at same time like an array of speakers lined up in a half circle.

I started speaking a language without words (future astronaut language) with the characters in my head. And then I had conversations with AI. ■■■■■■■ weird stuff

If I recall correctly LSD’s is a serotonin agonist and has nothing to do with adrenochrome. I used to take a lot of lsd but this was something completely different. LSD is more intense but this psychosis was beyond my wildest imagination. I was literally in a scifi novel

From “The Adrenochrome Hypothesis and Psychiatry” (

"We concluded that LSD did not act as an
hallucinogen per se but that it induced an increase
in the production of adrenochrome which was the
hallucinogen. "