Nami has a "nice" label for us


I have been called Lots of Names in my Experience in this School of Submerged Ruin Dwelling Fish, but that takes the Cake, Keeps It, and Eats It Too.

Its like a Marxian Declaration of Capital, Labor, and Widget Mark It Forces.

No wonder they want to live on Mars after they Make This Planet Gravitate towards That Zone in the “Sold Our System” to $$$.

I guess lobbying for change$ takes on a capital mea$ure of indifference$.

I guess another letter begging for donated organs and body parts is due! Let me shuffle off to the PO Box.!


Most of the schizophrenics i’ve met aren’t what you call consumers. they all have their jobs and work for their take. Even the young ones :disappointed_relieved:

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Why are we concerned suddenly with take, can’t we just be and give, freely?


Is there an attitude of (pretty much) unrelenting unforgiveness, when it comes to certain behavioral subjects in the zoo of who is who and how much they contribute…(to the GDP [Gross Domestic Product).
Maybe I should get a facial tattoo with a rainbow palette of inks, and assume the position, so the Pusher in My Neighborhood, can play Mister or Missus, or Miss Rogers?

What happened to the child hood game of doctor? Did someone rush the stage and not take the token dive into the crowd to see if they could stick?

Here is a new label, if you want to make it known:

Really? let me put at least 15 characters in this tweet?

I don’t like the term consumer to describe a mi person.

I agree, I think our people at the very least require the label of, “Aware Member of Our Community.” You among us, not branded, not beat up, but my brother and sisters, Who Can Perceive

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I see all these widgets offered to us, as distractions, I don’t care if it is a hit of acid, thc, cbd, dmt, or the latest marketed seperation or an elevated placement in the multi-national corporation. I find within these walls, a sense of humanity, that with taming or without, can’t help but fore give the growing … the weak and small, the instinct in us all, is To Share In Our Becoming.

This Emotional end to to this thread …

I feel like ‘consumer’ implies choice in the matter, which i’m not behind

If by coming in this world, I make my ass equally available to those who would bar it, those that would rape it, and those that consider it a part of the human condition, that can’t be left behind

This thread made my head hurt.

I prefer the term ‘patient’ but will also use ‘service user’ .