Name one place you cannot go into ever again

for me

it’s Azteca II on Elmore Ave.

I’ve passed out twice in there

from brain freeze drinking a margarita

was taken by ambulance

but I still paid my bill

Can’t go back to my childhood home because it was sold. :frowning:


There was a certain golf course which screwed me over on my tee-off time. I raised the roof and moonwalked out of the pro shop with both guns blazing.

I’ll never go back there.


My mothers childhood home was sold after I grew up. HUD owned it for a while

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they knocked my school down :smiley: its just a distant memory now

i blame myself for fking everything up, idk why i was so thick tbh :slight_smile: lol

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Come to think of it they tore down my elementary school and built a big school that held elementary and middle school kids

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they built really crappy houses on my school lol

They closed down my old school, but I don’t mind. It was a depressing concrete hellhole.

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a place i cannot or will not go ever again (hopefully) is down the rabbit hole

I worked at a bookstore after my psychotic break when I was still a little bit psychotic. I think I embarrassed myself. I don’t like to go in there anymore.

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I can’t go into the water anymore. I used to get drunk and ride the waves oN an

Any shopping store during rush hour :rofl:

The pub across the street. Lost my ■■■■ in there.

Well, a convenience store where I used to live not far. I picked a fight with a female cashier. I got the last word.

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I dropped eight bucks on the ground. She picked it up. My cats were out of cat food. I wanted to take my shoe off and bitch slap her face with it. Merry Christmas.

My childhood home :cry:

I worked at a gas station while undiagnosed and fully psychotic. I didn’t last long but I can certainly say I will never go there again.

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