Name card of a home of the mentally ill

The back of the name card. It is rather self-explanatory, anyone who is suffering from the mental illnesses and is unable to be taken care of, the home is then for them (at an affordable monthly fee).

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hi plumber1 which language iz this after English…is it Korean…???

It is in Chinese.

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plumber1 u said ur from Malaysia…how come this card is from china.,…???
are u in china recently…???

In Malaysia and Singapore, there are Malay, Chinese and Indian. The father of my grandfather was from China. :blush:

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ha ha …can i say ni hao?? to u…???

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Thank you. “Wo hen hao, xie xie!”

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According to my visiting nurse, I’m not qualified for hostel service. They had a mental capacity assessment. Where I live only very low functioning individual can be admitted into care home. We dont have any other permanent living facilities for people with sz.

I’m surprised to hear that. Your government is then encouraging people with schizophrenia to be independent. Likewise in here, the social welfare of disabled worker is being paid slightly more than those incapacitated to work.

I think our government ignores us.

I can’t believe it is happening in one of the international finance centre.

It is actually very difficult to live here. Especially when you have a disability. Our disability allowance is so low. Only 200 usd. It is difficult to find some small flat with rent lower than 2000 usd here. My visiting nurse told me we are better than the developed countries as our working rate is higher. I feel so unbelievable!

We have less than USD 100 each month here in my country, and then we have to renew the application every year to be qualified for that money.

You are definitely not low functioning. Don’t be discouraged by her words.