Naltrexone helps with hppd

Naltrexone – has been reported as a useful medication for HPPD as has the alpha-adrenergic anti-hypertensive clonidine.

For those who don’t know hppd is something that happens to 5-10% of people who use hallucinogens. I’d describe it as anxiety/feeling like you’re tripping all the time, even after the drug has worn off. Not to be confused with flashbacks which happen to 1% of people who have used hallucinogens. I reported terrible hppd when I mixed magic mushrooms with coffee. It was the worst thing I ever experienced for a year and a half. I couldn’t drive properly. I shouldn’t have driven. Panic attacks. Swirly vision. But ever since I started naltrexone it’s slowly gotten better. I know not too many people will have experienced hppd but if I could help one person by suggesting naltrexone for it, then it could save years of suffering for an individual. It’s really been a miracle worker for me.

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Bump for more info. Who here knows more about hppd and naltrexone use in hppd?

Like visual snow? I had that. I heard naltrexone helps with dp/Dr.

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Yes visual snow syndrom (tinnitus, VS, dp/dr, cognitively affected,…) from bad tripping on space cake.

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What visual snow? like the telly when a channel is out of order, i had only these kind of hallucinations they are gona after my sarcosine trial, or treated with clonazepam

i never used illegal drugs in my life and i wanna keep it that way, just bad meds like lamictal what caused it