Naïve...and kind of a schmuck

I was not the most worldly guy at age 19. I got around a bit but I never “ran the streets” or anything like that.
So when I was 19 and moved into a group home I was shocked to discover that one of the older residents had spent time in prison. I was indignant that they would let someone like that live there and I even told the head guy who ran the place to kick him out.

They didn’t kick him out and eventually I learned he was pretty harmless and I didn’t fear him. And eventually we got some guy who had been in jail and a year later when I was hospitalized it seemed that half the guys had been to jail and it didn’t bother me.


I relate to this went to a group when I was 22 and some guy came up to me and tried to help he was unshaven and scruffy I thought who is trying to help me some kind of Tramp?

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I’ve met many people who have been to jail and prison. All of them seemed like decent guys except for one who had a bad attitude.


I’ve had so many quick calls that could have landed me in a criminal record, or one or two that could’ve led to jail. And I am harmless :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m really naive despite what I have written in this post though. I would say

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