Mystic psychosis

i’m convinced that my psychosis was partly mystical


It’s hard to separate things out. i feel there is a very definite link between mystical & psychotic states.

More for me the question/task is how to to resolve things & create a genuine spiritual awareness.

i suppose it’s a very personal path/area.

Here’s my experience: there was an imbalance between my mind/body and that disconnection, whether spiritual or wholly physical–asked for healing–through medicine you can heal the physical disease. The disease of schizophrenia is possibly: an anti-inflammatory response to acute stress. Certain genes have been pinpointed as factors in how the disease unfolds, this is not to say these genes or other gene sets don’t also help us adapt to the illness as a whole.

I do believe in miracles, but I also think science is the main basis of medicine–since main science has strayed somewhat from holistic cures–some of the best benefits come from Herbal Medicine and Orthomolecular Biology, this is where we can find the cure.

Zinc, B-12, Niacin, all these vitamins restore balance to the immune system while other supplements can also provide neuro-protective elements and restorative properties yes there are herbs that can repair cell damage. There are also African roots and herbs that repair and prevent cancer.

When the body is thrown off course, mystical experiences can be more directly perceived–think of a body in hyper-drive, or Near Death Experiences’ often caused by physical trauma, and can impact the body/brain/mind raise the electromagnetic field entirely, like cause your whole brain to go into hyperdrive, that’s why they have Sweat Lodges, that’s why Native Amerricans and Shamans experimented with inducing these mystical states through stress and fatigue, like walking through the desert–etc. It’s all related. :slight_smile:

You are absolutely right

…stress sucks.

Thats why I’m single.

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I read about the Kundalini serpent which represents enlightenment as it travels in stages up our spines but if we awaken this Kundalini prematurely it can have devastating effects such as I am experiencing for many years now. That’s the little I know about it and not sure even of this info. Read up on it, because it fits a possible true scenario. Whatever, it screwed me up permanently.

Someone visited the original forum once and said that we can have an early awakening but that we are just not ready for it at that time. I believe I was awakened pre maturely, but it was late on a work night and I had to go to sleep before I was done tripping on that very first and last hit of LSD back in 1977.

Kundalini stinks. There is NOTHING good about it. It completely f*cks your life up. I can’t believe someone would actively choose it. At first it makes you feel like you are losing your mind and then it slowly isolates you from your family. Then you start causing problems with electrical equipment which just seems to get worse, not better. It is horrible. For some poor people, this thing is forced upon them. But then, that is the cosmic force we call God, which is not an old bloke but an energy. Forget all that lovey-dovey pulpit patter you hear from priests, the reality is somewhat different. If you have had this thing forced upon you, then you are going to have it, whether you like it or not.

And speaking of priests, don’t go to them for help, they are f*cking useless in situations like spiritual awakening, and are more likely to consider you insane or possessed.

Best wishes,

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You can manage it. As in, manage higher states of being- it really does take practice, not to everyone but most people are not born able to handle it. Something I realized after going to a Zen sort of retreat, that this kind of energy is hard but not impossible to manage.