Mystery medical issue?

this is more for the ladies on here but will welcome any response. has anyone ever experienced issues where their hormones, insulin and psychosis were intertwined? it seems my daughter is having a mystery medical issue. we are on our way today to see the pdoc and will be seeing a regular dr. in a couple of weeks. also my blood sugar level went up after eating a high carb which triggered mild psychosis. thanks for your time. take care

I don’t know for sure but I do think that for women our menstrual cycle/hormones can play a big role in other conditions.

If you google hormones and psychosis you will get some results.
Here is one:

Maybe talking to the doctor about insulin during certain times of the month. I try to cut down on certain vitamins during mine.

thank-you barbie. you are so helpful, her pdoc has ordered lots of lab work. she has major fatique drops with off and on pattern. i know meds can make you tired but this seems different the women in my family are famous for funky hormones.

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