Mysterious malware discovered on 30,000 new Macs

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Scary. I have been considering buying a new Mac, maybe I’ll hold off to see what happens here

As someone who’ve worked with antivirus software, there seems to be a common misconception that macs are immune to malware.
No computer is, just like no antivirus can give 100% protection.

The problem with newer macs is the default settings don’t allow the protection softwares to efficiently detect and deter malware.

Apple consumers have to pay more than windows. I heard it from the natureshows.:thinking: Apparently apples are like a vitamin pill.

The scary part of this is the malware only runs on the M1 Apple chip, not the x86_64 versions because it’s harder for x86_64 to run those instructions. Which means this malware was created very recently as the M1 hasn’t been out for long. Oh, and nobody has any idea WTF the payload is or when it will dump it. If I had a Mac, I’d probably at least disconnect it from the net until someone gets a firmer grasp on what’s going on before this thing detonates.

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There’s malware for every computer and operating system.
My advice is to get a good antivirus and give it maximum permissions in the settings, as well as run frequent scans and updates.

OpenBSD has released two patches in their many years of existence. Also, TAILS runs in RAM, so, yoink. Qubes sandboxes every program - very hard to defeat.

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Mac runs on top of Linux, which is as close to Unbreakable as you can get. It sounds like it’s the chip that is causing the trouble. This makes no sense to me, I would have to understand more about it

I read that its not. Mac OS was invented way before Linux.

Linux is the OS behind Mac, just as DOS is the operating system that Windows runs on top of.

Linux is the open-source version of Berkeley Unix, designed for the US military to survive not only nuclear war, but constant Russian hacking

DOS was developed to be stand-alone only, for doing spreadsheets and such things

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Thats what I read, you must know more as you’re a programmer.

To be more accurate, the Mac OS is built on code from FreeBSD. I use the word Linux, because that’s the one everyone recognizes. They are both Unix derivatives


I will never leave Windows as I am a gamer lol

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@Aziz for sure. It all depends on what you want to use your computer for. I love Mac for musical recording, because it never crashes

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I only trust my mind, followed by a piece of paper and pen, and then lastly a computer. Since I don’t know how computers work down to the OS/processes (or more specifically electron) why would I have anything to hide? I’m a good person. But there’s financials, private info, and bad people in this world like hackers and stuff. It’s good to have privacy and protection. I thought about being a computer science/computer engineer but it’s just hard to do anything these days.

I use windows but I think it got holes in it lol. Nothing shows up really. But I just ‘sense it’ like intuition like it’s a poor, flawed OS now.

MacOS is better but more expensive. Linux seems ideal. Last and only Linux version I’ved used (as a noobie, they say) is Fedora. I noticed my firewall was acting strange and got paranoid seeing gigabytes of data in the firewall logs and having no clue and living a life as a paranoid schizophrenic and seeing things that aren’t there – connections.

I figure everything is hackable except a quantum computer and a quantum internet if set up properly.

If I had groundbreaking work to do or had to patent something or program something profound, I would use Linux or perhaps try MacOS. More secure.

As a schizophrenic with poor working memory and severe cognitive deficits, I often lose track of my file history and think I’m being jerked around or messed with or my files were being accessed. Oh well.

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Never heard of that, how fast is it? 100Gbps?

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It’s not built yet but it’s a futurism thing lol. Same thing with quantum computers. I read IIRC google’s quantum computers aren’t true quantum computers, but I don’t know.

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Linux might be good if you’re very computer savvy, but for an average computer user, like myself, Windows is far more user friendly. I did have a short dabble with Linux(dual booting with Windows) that was over a decade ago. I gave up when I had problems; posted about it on a forum for Linux users to be greeted with rude comments because I wasn’t a computer expert . Maybe not all seasoned Linux users are pig ignorant jerks, but after that experience I wasn’t willing to risk it.


It’s a shame, but I find most online groups attract snipers. Just ■■■■■■■■ that want to look down on everyone because they’re not as knowledgeable as they are on a topic.

I left Facebook exactly for that reason. I had joined a few different groups, and the behaviour of some of the people there made me sick


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