Mysterious Island

Maybe I’m mistaken and I don’t have an awareness of my subconscious. I thought there was an area in-between and I had insight into it. But are those voices and images really that? I remembered today someone said, we cannot have awareness of our subconscious mind. Carl Jung and Nietzsche found a way and they both went mad. Carl Jung found his way out, Nietzsche became catatonic for the rest of his life, he was in another world sailing on the clouds of intellect possibly. This is extremely good news for me! You cannot know what is really there except through symbols in dreams.

well, Nietizche’s heart was broken which is why he hated women.

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Haven’t read Nietzsche but I know he proposed to the same woman 3 times, and was always rejected. Then he turned to philosophy instead of pursuing lust. But became mad and died early, in his 40s I think.

I’ve had many paradoxical dreams, a few infuriating ones, but almost never a scary nightmare. As a pre-teen, my erotic dreams that led to nocturnal emissions were hardly ever explicit. I guess my subconscious, if such a thing exists, is trying hard to keep me perpetually confused.

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well, he wasn’t Freud though.

What about the conscious mind? The Ego? It’s bad to have a destroyed Ego and a lack of sense of Self, but what did the Buddha experience. I’m confused. I’m definitely unenlightened and barely alive at all spiritually.

I don’t know, they’re compelling, ego, and deprecation.

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