Mysterious BandAid

The bandaid in question:

We have fancy, colorful bandaids at my house,

The “flesh” colored ones offend me.


This just showed up in my walking path this morning and I’ve been concerned since.

I know it’s not from us and I don’t know how it could have gotten where it was overnight.

I notice these things,

No way it was there when I went to sleep.

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Could it have stuck to the bottom of your shoe while you were walking outside?


That seems to be general consensus, but I really feel I would have noticed.

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It’s odd that it appeared there, but perhaps odder that you didn’t put it in the bin :clown_face:

Still haven’t moved it.

Waiting until my husband gets off work to show it to him.

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Little things like that make me paranoid too @Charles_Foster

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I get paranoid easily too. Sorry this happened. Are you ok paranoia wise?

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I’m feeling paranoid,

But my husband is home,

So there’s that.

Thanks for all the concern, friends!

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