Mylan discontinues Haldol pills

I am glad somebody got 5 mg Zydus prescription. That is currently the smallest dose they make.

I’m on 2.5mg haldol now. All I need is the 2mg pills to come back and to have a 6 month supply, then I’m confident I can completely ween myself off haldol (I can cut the 2mg pills into halves and quarters to cut down the dosage slowly).

I don’t think there’s any excuse for cutting off this drug from people abruptly, the withdrawal is downright nasty, worse than quitting smoking.

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I’ve been on Haldol for about 5 or 6 years. I have little doubt that this forced medication adjustment will cause me to lose my job. At least the US economy is going well enough that I should be able to find another one.

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I received an email reply from a Zydus rep. Zydus currently makes haloperidol 5 mg to 20 mg.

Zydus reply:

“Our plans are to continue to manufacture Haloperidol. We are increasing our capacity and supplying our direct customers.”

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The fact that they do this to people, the most vulnerable people, I’ve been on Haldol for 8 1/2 years, its obscene and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Ethnic cleansing in the name of the almighty dollar.


Do you guys think this is related to the charges against several drug companies for collution?

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Owl, it is a shame that Mylan, a profitable corporation that produced the majority of Haldol / haloperidol pills, has not produced any since 2018.
I have not obtained 1 mg haloperidol from a drug store since December 2018.

Zydus Pharm. may eventually produce more to fill the shortage, but that is just a guess. Zydus smallest pill now is 5 mg. and its pills are in short supply.
Tree, I do not know if collusion was involved in the discontinuence. If the price skyrockets, then it would smell fishy.

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Latest update has Mylan lower dose pills coming to market in mid-June.

I’m trying to get 2mg haldol pills.

I hope Zydus steps up and makes the lower dose pills, this is getting ridiculous.

The FDA updates have been incorrect for at least six months. The smaller pills were supposed to be restarted last December according to FDA updates. Each FDA update is revised with a new target.

ASHP has shortage updates that are more accurate, but not perfect.

I contacted Mylan a month or so ago and the rep told me Mylan has discontinued haloperidol in pills.

Well thank you for sharing the information and updates, it is appreciated.


Thanks for the update.

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