Anyone use myfitnesspal? I signed up 2 days ago looking to loose allot of weight (30kg). if you use it let me know and we can be friends :slight_smile:


we can’t be friends but I am starting a new diet soon and I plan to use it again

Cool goodluck tera :slight_smile:

I am not sure what software they use but currently @everhopeful @velociraptor @MissMermaid are trying to lose weight or stay in shape.


Round is definitely a shape.


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You are quite the early riser Pixel. What time is it? 6:25 am?

Yes. I was up at 5:30. I’m working on my level two insurance broker designation so I get up early to study for 30 minutes before the rest of my family is awake. Everyone else gets up by 6:00 am. I don’t have to start work until 8:30 am, but I make a point of being there by 7:30 am every day.

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I signed up after a tip from on this forum but I can not seem to understand how to use it and get lost.
I managed to start it up but that’s it.

It seems so great but I can not seem to use it.

I have searched how many calories are in a certain dish.

I’ve been using for the past two years successfully.

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