My zyprexa is like

you know them wild life programmes on TV? the one’s were they shot the animal with a dart to sedate them, yup my zyprexa does the same!!

That happens to me about 2 hours after taking it, One person said it was like being bludgeoned. By morning it’s mostly worn off. God knows what it might be doing to my brain.

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me 2… knocked out for the night…then lots of coffee next morning

If you are too sedated in the morning maybe you’re taking too much.

i take 15mg it well enough, it took my brain 10 years to get uset to it

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That’s what it did to me. Also, you have to worry about getting diabetes with this drug.

Which I have and is compromising my health right now. It was my decision to keep taking Zyprexa.

I gained the most weight ever on zyprexa, alot of people did actually. Did you hear about the joker.