My zolpidam tartrate sleep schedule helpers

When I take my zolpidem trartrate generic ambien near 5pm bed time my zolpidem hallucinnated helpers come down with me to the kitchen and choose what to eat to satify hunger to accept the sleepy function. We all hallucinated enitities return upstairs and take our places with me diving on the bed to be up at 2am with no pressure to do anything but prepare for anything that happens in the day from 6am ( haircut?) to 7am french toast. I’m dressed and ready for what comes next, which will be taking out the trash for wednesday morning.

I heard ambien can make you hallucinate and sleep eat. I can’t say I ever wanna try that one.

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That’s exactly what I did last night. One time, and only one time, I got in the car to get food. I tried to change lanes and missed that the driver behind sped up so I had to quickly switch back and receive an angry car horn. I learned my lesson from that to stay the ■■■■ at home, because Ambien doesn’t mess around.

It sounds like you are abusing Ambien. You are supposed to take it and immediately lie down to sleep so you don’t hallucinate.

That was last year, and yes I shouldn’t have driven. My doctor prescribes me 10 pills to use as needed. Last night I got out of bed and ate out of the refrigerator, then went to the computer. I don’t remember getting back into bed, but I did sleep and woke up around 2am just like I wanted.

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