My youngest brother in law is very interesting

I have 3 brother in laws, the youngest brother in law is 52 this year. I think he is very interesting. One of the interesting things about him is what I called the family communism. He is the most capable person among his siblings and earns good money through doing business. However he doesn’t keep money to himself. Rather he likes to share most things with his siblings including money. In other words he has strong bonds with his own siblings as well as with his wife’s siblings.

Yesterday we talked about the aged care centers in China on Wechat. We all agreed that the aged care workers can not be trusted. Then my brother in law said that he had a plan that all his and his wife’s siblings live together on his rural little farm in order to take care of each other. He said we could build up more rooms around his house and this way we could avoid being sent to the nursing homes.

I don’t seriously take his words but I felt warm by his plan.


My sisters and I are from a family that holds individualism. So when my youngest sister married to her husband she could not get used to the collectivism that runs in her husband’s family. There were a lot of conflicts inside her marriage.


Do you think he is truly a genuinely person?

Yes, I think he is genuine. His elderly biggest brother is in very poor health now and has moved to his third old brother’s house to get the aged care. Collectivism is a tradition in his family. Currently my borther in law is running a business in Shanghai and lives far from his home. And this is why his biggest brother chose to live with the third old brother. By the way, his biggest brother have two adult children and he didn’t choose to live with his children.

I would do something similar like your brother in law if I had the money and resources.

He sounds like a good person. :+1:


Yes, my brother in law does have money and resouces to run family aged care for his siblings. He also has some hobbies which makes him an interesting person. He likes gardening, fishing, and playing cards.


I have quite a few hobbies and interests: art, music, piano performance, yoga, meditation, religion, prayer, volunteering, symphony, opera, ballet, English and American literature, streamed TV,, Spanish language study, spa attendance, Bible study, reading.

But I still think I’m probably boring and uninteresting.


No, you are not boring and uninteresting. Not at all, in fact. All those hobbies you are doing make you interesting and young at heart.


@green5 . We come from peasant stock over here ( ie poor ) but we have great family bonds. If I had money I’d do the same and I can recognise the niceness in that with your brother in law!

I’d like to have a house for all the family and help out everyone who needs it…but I am in a place where i can help out dad and keep him well as well as support the rest with what I can.

I think your brother in law gets it…we need to help out those around us and I think that is great!

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Thank you @green5 !