My Worthless drawing


for some reason I’m trying to make out words. It’s great!

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Great for fun but. Not for a living :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s written ror

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don’t you that the public is too dummed down to buy anything,

you should be promoting schizophrenia artist, it might get you places.

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You are right… I am gonna do that…somehow? Idk how :slightly_frowning_face::ghost:

I will go in the streets with tShirt written art made with schizophrenia

get a showcase at a local hangout or pub or coffee shop or college

put a bio on you. You can price each print.

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Ok I will try to figure that out how… I need to make good print… I think my prints aren’t that good and not proffessional… I need to make money … it’s horrible

look up art galleries in your area, not sure what to do about prints,

some of mine are framed, but I’ll never part with them.

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So much of what a work of art is worth depends on its marketing. If you could figure out some kind of pithy saying to go with it. Maybe you could sell it as an advertisement for beach towels, or some type of apparel. Stretch your brain. Think hard about it.

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Looks good :+1:

I recently just scared pick up the o

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