my worker left me

this is the fourth one to leave the health service and I blame myself for it, one retired, two took new jobs and now this one has left and I feel abandoned because its the first year ive actually had people listen to me, maybe I talked too much or was arrogant some of the time, I don’t know. also I rang crisis and they said they were referring me to the psychiatrist, but no one rang to confirm. do they actually believe what I said, I feel like I lied now.
im upset emotional and worried that no one wants to listen. lucithor told me to cut off my nipples n my vagina and jesus told me not to, and then this other guy dunno who he is, told me to cut all my hair off and my eyebrows because I look like this other woman who lives down the road. im so ugly and even my family told me I am thy take the pee out of me saying im weird and im ugly

Hi. I’m sorry you’re struggling so badly. Do you think you might need to go to the hospital? Those hallucinations sound really scary.

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yeh I think I may need to go there cos its disgusting as well theres a few things they have said I daren’t repeat on here and so I feel like a criminal now even tho I didn’t go thru with it but thty so strong even during day and ive tried the mindfulness thingy

@ninjastarthank you for replying

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At the hospital, they might be able to find you a psychiatrist. This really isn’t something you can do with no staff.

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@boxer ,you don’t take medication?

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I had the exact same type of commands, lasted about three months and then went away and haven’t come back since. It’s been about a year. There’s a good chance they aren’t permanent but those are scary, serious ones. You should consider using the mental health resources in your area to get hospitalized so they can reevaluate your meds. In fact it was my most recent hospitalization, and they made a big med change while I was there that put me on the right track.


Hi @boxer. These hallucinations sound very frightening. Im so sorry youre going through this. Please stay safe and like ninjastar said, i think maybe going to the hospital is a good idea.


im just on sertraline 100mg but that’s a depressant tablet. they gonna do a review, and because I wasn’t suicidal they wont admit me!!

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I rang mental health they came out gonna get nurses to come n see me for a week or so and they put me on zoplicone to get me to sleep for 3 days and they doing a review on my meds

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