My Wife's Dead Aunt Has been Taken Advantage Of

My wife’s dead aunt has been scammed…

She was childless and her occasional driver who took her to doctor’s appointments has manipulated her…written himself into half of her estate and made himself executor of the will.

My wife is a beneficiary in the Will and we are seeing a lawyer this Friday.

What this scumbag doesn’t understand is, that schizophrenics see EVERYTHING…every angle…every twist.

It’s going to be a monumental smackdown of justice once I’m finished with this piece of $hit.

I’ll keep you tuned in…


Wow! You hear about this stuff on the news, but not in real life.

My wife and I don’t care about the money. My sweetheart can’t sleep at night knowing that her beloved Aunt who was dying of cancer was manipulated.

With the help of Lawyers, my plan is to destroy this guy and his family who helped him.

Q: What is the most dangerous thing in the world?

A: A man who has nothing to lose.

That’s where we’re at with this one. We don’t care. If we go down, it’ll be with both guns blazing at this prick who conned a little old lady dying of cancer.

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Wow that sucks. I cannot believe people like that exist in this world.

same thing happened to a neighbor of mine. I hate to sound racist, and this guy was bad but NOT because he was Hispanic…anyway

She was very old, in her 80s, she was always getting sick, and so she hired a man to do her chores for her. This said he’d do the job for 50 bucks a day. Well one day she died and I found out he had convinced her to leave her house to him. I had come over twice and noticed a smell coming from the basement. I reported the smell to the cops. They found a meth lab in the basement, as well as certain drugs that can make a person more susceptible to persuasion. Her will, the version where he got all her valuables, was rendered invalid, and her daughter got everything instead.

Stick it to him.

5 months ago I was renting a room in a married couple house. I got asked to leave because we were not “compatible”. It was unfortunate but it happens. I had given them a $ 500.00 deposit to move in.

When I moved out they only gave me a measly $50.00 back. They charged me because they swept and mopped the floor in the tiny room and they charged me for for spackling the walls where I put tacks up. The guy had a pick-up, so I asked him if he could load and drive most of my stuff in one trip to a storage locker 25 minutes away. They charged me for re-painting the bathroom which was rediculous because it was practically spotless. They charged me for a little scrape in the freezer of the shared refrigerator.

The refrigerator was ancient and they couldn’t gotten a dime for it if they tried to sell it. For just those things they deducted $450.00. Rediculous. The lady was taking advantage of me and scamming me.

The women was actually a business client of my sisters and they were on good terms before this and often had lunch together. But when I told my sister about this she she was livid. Both my sisters mulled over what course to take to get some of money back.

Eventually they wrote a very formal, businesslike letter to this lady and told her if she did not give me more money back that we would take her to court. About a week late she coughed up $175.00. But these people were in their fifties and had lived in this house for twenty years. They were respected members of the community and had responsible jobs but they tried to pull a scam like some 18 year old punk.


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