My wife wants me to be a MMA fighter

I have always had my tendency to start trouble and get into fights. It has gotten better now that I’m older but I still have my violent anger that I use punk and rock music writing as an outlet but my wife thinks I should become an MMA fighter because I have a big tall body and naturally big muscle and mass.
I am thinking about this seriously and it would be a fun career if I was actually good at it because I love to fight and knock the ■■■■ out of dudes who piss me off plus I have always loved fighting video games

How will you fit this in around being a sexy model? I’m confused

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When I am not bashing heads and going to fighters gyms, I’ll be posing for magazine shoots and internet people.
Simple really :cat2::100::sweat_smile:

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MMA fighting takes many years of training. Have you studied martial arts before?

Whenever I think of MMA fighting anymore it reminds of a video that I saw of one breaking his leg while kicking another fighter. It was a brutal video that I will not be posting because it is disturbing.

it was on my bucket list to see it live,

made it thru about half of it, was with my adult daughter.

don’t like the rules, if you’re knocked down the offender can pumulet you.

Go give it a shot so you can appreciate what kind of skill is needed to be successful at mma.

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I saw that happen in a couple fights where the leg snaps in half, and just dangles there. Ouch!

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MMA fighting is way to violent for me.
Those guys are animals!

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The “R” word may not be acceptable on this forum. That’s why it was censored in your original post.

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I don’t care 151515

Don’t fancy type the r word to get around filters.

I used to fight like an animal, very uncoordinated and street like just biting faces and punching in weakspots. I didn’t fight honorably I fought to win.
I feel like the discipline and coordination and focus would benefit me tremendously

I don’t fancy people bring rude to me on the forum so I will match their tone lol.

I have no problems with you zombie, I understand why you censored me don’t worry I still respect you

I’m not worried.

That word is hurtful to many. For example several of us here have special needs kids.

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My husband is a brown belt in Brazilian jijutsu go for it if u wanna do it x

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I am a purpe belt

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Aww wkd well done @anon47167357 x

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Conor McGregor did it. Then so can you.

Anyone can be an MMA fighter. It’s just winning that’s the hard part.