My wife burned me with hot pasta and sauce

I was so looking forward to a nice dinner but my wife was on edge and giving me a hard time. I yelled for about 5 sec and then she flipped my scalding hot dinner all over me.

It really burned

I tore down the pantry

Why oh why

I’m sorry to hear that happened. Sounds like you both are having some tension. Have you been able to talk about it? I hope things improve.

Haven’t talked, I’m going to sleep. Tomorrow’s another day

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That’s really crazy. I hope you’re okay. You’ve posted about your relationship with your wife before. Maybe some couple’s therapy would smooth things out or help you work through your issues.


Wow that’s a little scary. I get a panic attack if someone even raises their voice to me…total shutdown.


Did she do it on purpose?

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You might give some thought to leaving this relationship. If you’re getting to the point of physical violence you aren’t going to help each other.


I imagine you love your wife, right? Well, sometimes, if you love someone, you have to do what’s best for them even if it hurts you. She’s obviously not happy in this relationship if she’s pouring hot pasta sauce on you. Leave her now. Don’t let it get to a point in which the police are called and she ends up being charged with assault, battery, or even murder. It would be much better for her to be upset about a divorce for a few months and then move on, than for her to end up in prison for years, if not the rest of her life.

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They should try couples therapy before jumping right to divorce.

If they got married its likely they were happy together at one point, and with help it’s possible to find it again.

Although I will say dumping hot food onto someone is a bit extreme.

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Wow she must have been quite mad to do that to you.
I would also suggest couples therapy before anything else

Don’t go to sleep angry. :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon:


I’m sorry @Moonwalker.

That sounds like a very unhealthy relationship. I’m not sure it’s worth it. Things usually escalate over time in relationships like that.

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Wishing you well.


ANY ABUSE is a deal breaker.

ok, it’s time to think about this…how dare she do that…I hope you get your burns attended to…time to get a divorce man…she’s abusive.

So I just ended up taking some serequel and Ativan and falling asleep early. Today has been much better. I have no desire to leave my wife, for though I do feel hurt by her actions yesterday

You two need to get things sorted for the sake of your child.

I can take the heat, I guess

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