My weekend

Some photos from my weekend kayaking expedition on the Hudson River to share with you. We put in at Hudson, NY. In the distance you can see the Catskills.

The Half Moon, a replica of Henry Hudson’s ship in 1609 that travels the Hudson as a museum.


Great. Sounds like it was a fun, neat thing to do.

How fun (and a little bit scary). I’ve never been kayaking.

a great trip with kayaking…good for you…

I’ve only been kayaking a couple times…feel like I get stuck in the things and if I flipped and couldn’t roll back I’d drown, LOL.
Canoeing is a different story, I have done that a lot, and tubing down rapids a few times too…fun!

Here’s where I kayaked, so not much of a challenge

Here’s a river I tubed on though…that’s a bit more challenging, and there’s other white water up further too.

I like the Catskills, been through there a few times.


Looks like you had a good time. Good for you!!

Those photos are making me want to get to the ocean-quick:))