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Some of you may remember me from years ago, some of you I am just getting to know. There has been some misunderstanding regarding the things I have written in forums and chat rooms over the years on several topics, for various reasons. I for one always try to get the source of the controversy in my research and hopefully as close to the truth of a matter, part of my technique is to contact the creators of what ever media I am digesting, be it an article, book, documentary, or lecture. This technique has helped me grow as a human being, I am giving you this opportunity not only to do that but also enjoy some of the art my friends and I have done over the years.

The website that is dedicated to my professional as well as personal works of art over the years and a blog on various topics, includes my findings with my personal struggle with psychosis. Of course I am not telling you what you experience is or should be, I leave that up to you to determine, only you can really know yourself.

Anyone is welcome, just keep the comments civil on the blog and enjoy the music and other forms of media I and my friends have made together.


I think I remember you from along time ago on this forum…

Ive also made a blog-site, you are invited :smile:

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:point_up::open_mouth: Another SZ forum!?!?!!??!?!

Good job with the websites guys… :+1:

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A high-functioning SZ board!!!



I’ve posted some news articles there but stopped because there didn’t seem to be much response, so it was hard to tell if people were interested/wanted what I posted.
I occasionally look in and notice that there aren’t a high incidence of posts. I notice on many sub forums there haven’t been any posts for months.