My website!


I have finally got round to hosting my website, Sort of an artistic one with music that interacts with the visuals once it all loads.

It is running off of my home server, so it may take a while to load until my fiber optic line comes in…



I was the 286 visitor :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Haha, did the whole page load properly?


It was just a fish swimming from left to right


That’s the one, if you watch it long enough, music kicks in >.<


I got the music :notes::notes::notes:. Pretty cool


nice fish visitor 304 :slight_smile:


I tried to catch the fish, but no luck :frowning:


Did you stick around for the music


If you dont mind my trade here’s my website :


Not sure, never had my headset on


It takes awhile to kick in.


I got a blank black screen saying that I was visitor 311.


That’s strange it worked for me. I’m using my cell phone, if that could make a difference


I used my cell phone too.


Hello, just woke up.

If you have an IPhone it sometimes doesn’t work!