My way towards something bigger

Hello everybody.
I am Sirio I come from Italy and I am a medical student. Like many of you I suffer from a schizoaffective disorder different from schizophrenia due to the affective, affective component understood not so much as instability of mood but as ability to weave stable social relationships.
I respect all of you for what you have been through or are going through but I don’t like that some of you give up a lifetime therapy. This is just a good journey towards impotence diabetes and negative symptoms. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter of gratification and reward and preventing its action means not receiving gratification and therefore bingeing, being limp and not even having a sexual consideration. The truth is that from the studies 20-25% that face a discontinuation no longer falls. Modern antipsychotics are the cure. Not for all but they are the cure with their side effects. I have had 4-5 episodes but have been stable for 2 years without positive negative symptoms stable mood and even without obsessions. In February, my doctor will make the first reduction of my invega trinza from 525 mg to 350 mg. The dosage will be reduced every six months within a year and a half.
I’ll update this thread step by step.