My water is still tan. Would you

Shower in it or wait for clear water?

Wait for clear water.


Ok. That’s what I thought. But I wanted to see what other people said. I worked out today so I need to shower, but I’ll wait

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Usually they give handouts about when to use the water.

They didn’t this time. So weird. For a while today no water was coming out at all. Then it came out brown. Now it’s light tan.

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Let the water run for a while but I would wait till it’s clear again.


why is your water not clear?

Maybe you can call them? Or use their website?

There was a water main break

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We called earlier. They just said it’d be fixed in 5 to 6 hours. There’s no notice on the site. I already checked

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Yea its better to wait until its clear.

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Eeeek. No way am I showering in mud and Lord knows what else.


Lol. My husband just took a shower in it. Now it’s just cloudy


I would definitely wait until the water looks clear and tastes good.

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Would wait for it to clear and get some big bottles of water from the dollar tree…


The water is clear now. Yesterday, I bought a bunch of water so we’re good


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