My voices wanted to reach out to old friends so I did

That could almost be a blog title, “my voices told me to do something and I did it. Here’s what happened.”

They said one of my old friends was suffering and needed me. And I thought maybe it’s this one guy, so I reached out to him and said hi. He said he’s been thinking about me a lot and is glad I’m contacting him.

Even though I did this with my wifes approval it is still nervous. I stopped talking with this person because some interactions with me caused a sz cognitive dysfunction after he had a spiritual delusion. We did not know he was sz when it happened. He went to the hospital and everything. This was also a year or two before I became sz.

He reached out to me later when I was going through an episode of sz and depression and I basically said I just found out I’m sz so leave me alone.

Now I emailed him. He emailed back. He’s excited to hear from me but I can’t help but wonder how can this go wrong.


Just be nice and be a friend! He obviously has some issues too so it’s not a bad thing. I think you’d find some common ground and at best you’ll get a friend who you can bounce ideas off.

You can’t really lose. If he’s a dick then you stop the interaction but it sounds promising and glad you reached out!

I think it’s a no brainer. You’ve both been through some stuff. Get to know each other and just enjoy what friendship brings to your life!


Hey I know it’s hard but try not to worry about the what ifs. If your ever feeling uncertain try to ask your wife’s opinion on what’s bothering you and fact check or feel free to ask on here!

But hey if it works out for the best you found a cool person to talk to

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