My voices want me to recover from schizophrenia!

Whats in it for them if I fully recover like they constantly discipline me to do.

They show me all the things I should have done and should do to be fully recovered.

It’s just a sign your recovering. My inner voices also tell me to take my meds and participate in my recovery although they also still tell me I’m in a brain study and being watched all the time. At least they are on board with my meds and therapy. They have also told me that if my delusion goes away they are still there, I just won’t realize it anymore.

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Thats wierd but kinda cool, I think thats sorta what mine were saying too

It IS weird. They have said it more than once. They have even told me they probably will go away and that’s OK. I just won’t be aware of the brain study anymore even though it will still be happening. Of course, at that point, I will be saying there is no brain study, lol. We’ll see.

Mine have said they will also be there even if I don’t notice them. I’ve heard them say when they were really quiet to never go off antipsychotics. That scares me a lot for some reason.

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Why are you scared? Even though I believe other people are talking to me, I am ‘supposed’ to believe that it’s my own brain telling me that I may recover. I figure, either way, it’s a good thing. As long as ‘they’ don’t burn the crap out of me like they have in the past.

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It scares me because before they were just playing with me. Now, if they are actually trying to help me, how bad are things about to get? What do they know about how my condition is about to play out? That’s what scares me, impending doom.

Plus, any time the voices do anything out of character it adds to the evidence that they are individual personalities, instead of just basic behaviors I can ignore.

I feel the same way also, the impending doom they will let me get into, the personalitys, the purpose.

Like you said I just cant ignore them, but I am going to give credit to medication as what helps me at least completely forget about them for as long as possible.

Bieng diagnosed with schizophrenia I will also with the help of medication half heartedly write them off as symptoms.

When I was psychotic the voices told me to go back to inpatient and tell them the truth about hearing voices they put me on a med I could afford and got me to where I could recover.

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I have trust issues with my voices and thoughts too. They have (seriously) burned me before so I am leary. I sincerely believe there are actual people talking to my brain and , yet, I take meds to make them go away because I ‘might’ be delusional. “They” tell me that they might go away and I will get better but if that happens they will still actually be there. I HOPE that means I am getting better and not just that they are f’ing with my head.

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