My voices took over the world

Logan Wilson took over the world and blames everything on me, prove to me you have it worse.


My voices ass rape me, the IRA read my thoughts and stalk me. I see them at places I never tell anyone I’m going, they control peoples minds and mine. They are trying to get the police to put me in jail. They will either make me kill someone or turn on the voices and make me into a vegetable. They’ve done it before. I couldn’t move or speak and wanted to kill. They actively show me posts related to my thoughts on this forum

I think it’s more like a finger in the ass they’ve said before so it’s not as bad as actually being ass raped

Maybe you should talk to your psych doc and get meds adjusted.

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Sometimes it does feel like hes fingering me

Does it feel good? No homo

No it hurts, I say it feels good to make him stop.

He’s not gonna stop if you say it feels good, unless your trying to make him gay, good idea

Your talking like im Logan, im the guy that actually gets ass raped

When they ass rape you does it hurt?

Are they doing it right now?

Trying to save you…

Damn toaster burnt my toast this morning.

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I don’t think the IRA want me talking about this anymore thanks


my voices are really wierd, my delusions are that all my voices and everyone i meet and old schoolfriends even people online are all having sex to punish me in hell becuase they will get destroyed and they wontr burn as hard in hell if they have lots of sex, crazy i know… its an massive satanistic organisation. it all started 12 years ago and its been going on ever since. I know if i get into a relationship that she will do the same and cheat on me in private. Anyone ever heard of this?

Not sure but I have been messed with for about 12 years so it may be the same guy thats messing me.

im sure its not the real Logan Wilson, maybe someguy using his voice

I knew him growing up its him

Hes just manipulating everyone to think its John using his voice but its him doing it