My voices talk to themselfs

Talk to themselfs while im trying to sleep.

There are around 3 and each tries to talk with itself, they keep waking me up


@littlecrocodal so do mine! I have three too and they usually announce when they are going to talk amongst themselves. I always hope that they go away to do that. More often than not, I can still hear them unfortunately.

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What do you do then?
I noticed this only happens at night, in my room but not in other places

That happens to me a lot too. When no one is around and I am trying to sleep they pick on me. I try not to react or say anything bad back to them because I don’t want to incite them. I have found it only makes things worse. I wish that my meds controlled my voices better. I am on 3 mg of Vraylar

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I am on 25 mg abilify but i quit ciggaretes cold turkey yesterday and im a bit sick

Well good for you for quitting smoking. That sounds difficult. I hope that you feel better. I know that the fewer vices we have the better. Kicking anything can mess with your mind but I am rooting for you to push through this hard, critical part. You can do it!

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Thank you moonstruck !

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i find listening to music while trying to go to sleep helps drown out the voices some. atleast enough to let me sleep. i pretty much have to have music or tv or something playing at all times and i find that “white noise” doesn’t help but makes it worse.

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Just curious anyone ever asked voices thier names? Mine were always like she thinks she knows us. @littlecrocodal @anon97859349

I tell them “shut the fuck up” or “shut the fuck up little bitch”
But only since a few months ago i start doing this, works for me.

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I assumed my voices were coming from these people who I have never met on Facebook. I blame my voices on these strangers basically. So I named them after three people

my voices talk fight and yell all the time but worse at night

my main command voice is George the others change

i even have a dog voice that barks some times which is hard cause i have differentiate between the voice and my real dogs

my ocd comes in play then and i start counting things to control my mind set

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I started counting things impulsively in my mind to block the voices.

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