My voices talk about trauma they've been through

My voices talk about how they are traumatized by their experiences. I know if I told a psychoanalyst they might say it comes back to me, and they would ask if I myself have gone through anything.

I haven’t though. I just hear what the voices say and they say they have been through a lot.

I don’t know what I can say to them. Sometimes I am compassionate. Sometimes I tell them to go away.

Do your voices tell you they have been through a lot?

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No not mine, just persecute me. To me they have no meaning. How long are you on clozapine?

I’ve been on clozapine about 3 weeks.


Do you find theres a feeling of calmness from it?

I do not. It just makes me sleepy.

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A lot of people say theres a sense of calmness from it like no other antipsychotic so i was just wondering if you had it

No. Not so much.

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