My voices started being nice to me but i dont trust it

i think they are setting me up, to hurt me more…but they wont go away

Ignore them!

they went away as soon as i posted this, i guess i found them out

I doubt that your voices are smart enough to “set you up”. Most peoples seem to be quite stupid. You seem to attributing traits to them that they do not generally seem to have.

I have that worry with events. When things start going well, I believe something bad will happen. I have trouble letting myself enjoy happy feelings. I think this is because falling from a bad mood isn’t as bad as falling from a good mood. Life just wants to kick me in the face.

My voices have become all relatively friendly, but I know from the past that that can change in a heartbeat. Despite not having any bizarre delusions I will call myself mentally ill as long as I hear voices and am on meds.

If they come back, don’t trust them and try to ignore them. The more I interact with mine, the worse it gets. I don’t believe I’m a heiress to millions any more, but I’d rather live in reality!

Mine are nice also, but annoying still. They can’t set you up for a trap because they aren’t intelligent beings, they’re just random speech from the brain. I know it’s still annoying to hear good things, but it’s a lot less stressful than being called names all the time. I’ve found very little in my research that mentions voices becoming nice as a result of medication, which is what seems to have happened to me. I guess it’s pretty rare IDK.

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