My voices know the future?

One voice, the other day, said something about unesco and then a friend, after some hours, said something about unesco. What the hell?

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That kinda crap happens to me all the time

Many times, voices say a weird or unusual word and then I hear it either by someone or by the tv

It happens to me when unmedicated.
Are you on high dose Clozapine already?
If yes, you have to ignore this stuff and live with it.

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That happened to me a lot. Only when psychotic.

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After my studies in Hinduism and Yoga and Buddhism for years, now I study magick and occult. Voices, in this context, seem spiritual beings.

Well there´s a clash with modern science right there. Do you believe in science?

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Yes, equally rationalism and mysticism

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There are other ways to be spiritual and believe in science. Try to find your way. But hearing voices has a clear psychotic connotation if you believe in the second. Science says that you should take care of them aswell, if you want to continue living with a working brain in the future.

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I think it’s quantum physics…

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Elaborate please. 666999

I rather not because it would just worsen your delusions. It’s something I figured out or believed but cannot prove it – I can only sense it. It’s something you have to either reject or figure out on your own, no offense.

It just makes sense to me.


It has happened many times.
I am perplexed

Friend are you still medicated? I only ask because I am and they just never go away. I mean as long as my anxiety is down (which is why I smoke pot) then they aren’t the bad ones that make fun of me and stuff but if I get stressed it almost feels like my brain is opening random doors for a solution to the stress and when a door opens in pops some asshat with alterior motives for me.

Email me please. You know whe addresses. The book was about me but I’d love to hear more about you away from the restrictions of this forum

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