My voices keep insisting im a demon

and going to hell. There is not much i can do to convince them that i dont think i am, but they are sure i am. They tell me they want war with me and they hate me. All they want is to see me be a demon…It really sucks…

Just treat the SZ and shut them up. Don’t waste your time with head games.

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This is a relatively common delusion. You should rest assured you’re not going to hell. We didn’t do anything to deserve the disease, and I’m guessing you’re not a murderer or anything, so even if you believe in hell and demons, you gotta believe that you’re not going there. I mean sending a schizophrenic to hell would be like hitting a kid with glasses.

The voices can say anything… and I mean anything. Kids get this disease, and they get told the same thing. It’s just our fears playing out in the content of our hallucinations.

i guess i am a demon cause the voices wont leave it alone, i just read up on demons and it said they will spend eternity in hell. I guess i will never find peace in life and now i wont find it in death. Heaven exists they told me but im not going i cant go cause im a demon. It sucks

Your frame is just messed up. The instant your frame is fixed with treatment you won’t feel hellbound anymore.

I totally agree. I had the same thoughts when I was in the first year of my disorder, it was so awful truly believing that, I just want to help anybody who’s in that situation. I hope you can find some medicine to either stop the voices or stop them from acting like demons.

My voices tell me I’m a demon too. It just makes me really mad.

With all your might you need to refuse this and it ignore it…I hope you are taking Omega 3’s and some of the natural supplements to fight these delusions too…its just a strong hallucination/delusion.

I embrace what the voices call me. A huge nerd lol. Snort aliens and math are so fire. Wonder if i should update my video games.

if your meds arnt helping, you could try to convince yourself that demons are not even real.
You could reframe your beliefs a bit. That could calm it down.

You could also tell the voices you know what there up to and for them to screw off.
That sometimes works but obviously not foolproof lol.

just dont listen to any commands.

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