My voices have been real bad

they are just all over me all they want is the worst for me, i try to be nice to them but they really dont like me, its just been all day bad, i took my meds but they didnt help, i dont want to hear them or think about what they said anymore…

Take a walk to clear your head and listen to whats outside.

Helps me.


Try glycine if you are not on clozaril.
I take 2 grams of glycine twice a day and I have no voices as a invega 234mg addon.
Obviously you’d have to find your own dose that works.

My voices cal me names and yell at me. Maybe call your caseworker and get a hold of a pdoc.

that has happened to me. sometimes its random but often i found its related to an unconscious fear or thought…but also I think the phentermine is doing its job its helping me feel calmer–and its making the abilify injection less effective. this was already discussed as a possible risk. But i feel like im more normal and in control I also resisted getting high on cocaine. so its kind of worth it.

I hope you feel better @seemore3434 maybe you can find something to add that helps reduce the sound or perception of it, or find a case manager who can talk to you about coping skills…


Defend yourself with them and/or ignore them.

I’m also having lots of voices today. I fell asleep in the middle of the day and forgot to take my meds. Now things are spinning!

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