My voices got a LOT better right after

I quit smoking. I mean like 99.99999999999999% better.


Yeah man my brain is sensitive to the ■■■■ to. I need to stop smoking entirely but it’s proving pretty difficult. Are you talking about cigarettes or weed?

Cigarettes. I was even smoking American Spirits, thinking at least they wouldn’t have extra nasty chemicals in them.

When did you quit?
Last time i stoped smoking with a patch, but after, once i was done with the patch, in 10 days i went into depression

That’s because the ghosts of all the smokers left you once you quit…

I’m joking…I’m joking.

I did read a book once though by some therapist about how she believed in spirit possession and that a lot of the problems people were dealing with were due to ghosts inhabiting their minds. I guess she believed that smokers and drinkers and addicts were especially vulnerable as this is what she believed prevented a lot of these souls or whatever from moving on to the afterlife…yep.

Yep. Yep. Yep.

Sorry to hear that. I quit about 5 months ago. No depression for me.

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I read that book too! It seems like my mind has been through trillions of things since then, so I don’t remember much of it. But yeah, I remember it was interesting. My case would’ve involved alien smokers though! LOL.

I smoke dohka now doesn’t have the harsh chemicals. But it sort of shuts my lungs of. The stuff is really potent. I’ll probably go down to smoking at the worst of cravings once I finally find things to do with my time.

I’m not familiar with dohka at all, but if it’s potent I bet it is affecting your brain in bad ways. Yeah, find other things to do with your time! Reading is always a good one.

It’s hard to read when hearing voices

Oh yeah, I’ve been so stable for so long now I forgot about that! Haha. How about painting and/or drawing?

Those would probably be a bit easier. But I’m really not that skilled of an artist and I don’t really know what to draw.

Wow, that’s awesome! I’m really happy for you. I hypothesize that any stimulant can increase psychotic symptoms in many. I’m smoking like a chimney, and I’ve wondered, is the nicotine I crave making my mental health worse? Thank you for your contribution!

Well I say so what, as long as you’re getting your mind on things other than smoking!

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Thanks so much! Life really is a LOT better now for me!