My voices disappeared - in a few seconds

This is my first post here so I hope this is the right place for it.

So a while ago my voices disappeared. Like from one moment to the other. I was out driving when I saw a horse (not a real one) run beside the car - this has happened before - so I stopped, and stared at it until it disappeared. A few seconds later I couldn’t not hear the voices anymore. They have still not returned. It was like my surroundings became a little brighter, and that was not meant as a metaphor. It literally was brighter. The I am almost in shock. I have heard things my entire life, and then they just… Not there anymore.

Have you tried anything like this?


Any chance you were smoking marijuana before. Sometimes smoking marijuana makes everything brighter.


No. I’ve never smoked marijuana before actually, so that can’t be it.

How old are you?

I’m 19. The voices have been there since I was 14.

It easy to have your voices disappear when you have schizophrenia. Why mine have gone away thousands of times myself. The problem is they returned later.


I too have my voices disappear for long periods of time. Also at times by view of the world is brighter and sharper. I been told by a psychologist that its my anxiety, adrenaline hormones kicking in. As it’s tends to happen when I am affraid of something.

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