My village might be getting fibre optic Internet!

I live out in the sticks and as a result my adsl internet is slow (about 2.5megs down). While this is ok for general surfing any streaming like Netflix is pretty bad.

Anyway the Scottish government is subsidising the roll out of super fast broadband to rural areas. Where I live the small villages usually have poor internet and as few people live there there is little incentive for the cable companies to supply them.

Anyway about a week ago I saw technicians laying fibre optic cable at the bottom of the street. Also round the corner from my house an area has been set aside for a new fibre cabinet to supply the village.

Am super excited! I am a computer enthusiast and I have loads of tech crying out for decent broadband. Trying not to get my hopes up but fingers crossed we will get it.


My brother “welds” a laser to a fiber optic cable to make super fast internet connections at his work.
One of their clients is Google.
Some amazing stuff out there.


we are getting the ’ wheel ’ out here soon…lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

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Good for you! I live out in the country too, but the U.S. would never do anything as good as that.


Google started laying out expirimental fibre optic networks a while ago. Must not have gone well. kC metro was the first area to get it and living near that I haven’t heard a word about it.

Congratulations Jimbob. The internet helped me find this forum. I am glad to know you’ll have easier access for streaming movies. There are still good screen play writers. Netflix has a diverse amount of films. You may even find a good movie you hadn’t seen for years.

It’s all over my head, but this is the idea: