My Valentine



your valentine is a child.

er…uh… :relaxed:

Cute couple. I like his new beard its all dark and long.

My ex is freaked out we are over here now trying to set it up to break in oh my and my son is not rushing me to see him.

Telling me to leave a door unlocked idk

Is jerry living in his truck?

He is stalking me. He is so weird he will not leave me alone.

Episode. 2Digimon

Visine creates a laxative effect. Sex offender step is stalkin meet him at the trailer at moms in the morning.

Jerry is posong as Edward do not act that way toward edward he did not ask for that.

Sons of anarchy episode one netflix

Wanna do that at 1ish msg u both well odom

Me and Edward gonna hang out online before he goes to work

Who blocked me is it my conditions omg imsry do not use jade

I cry loudly if i do not.

Watching American horror story s1 e3