My usual weight loss routine

  • Lose a bit of weight
  • Order some fattening junk food to celebrate
  • Put on weight as a result
  • Repeat

I highly recommended this weight loss routine if you want to feel busy.


I understand, homie.

My weight loss routine is very similar.

  1. Bust my ass working out and dieting
  2. Finally look great
  3. Think that I should reward myself by taking a break from routine
  4. Gain weight and feel fat
  5. Repeat

I’m currently back at 1.

Vicious cycle…


Mine is so much simpler:

  1. Think about how much weight I want to lose
  2. Eat unhealthy foods because I’m depressed about being fat
  3. Get fatter

This thread is so relatable. There is nothing more I can add. I just relate.


Let me eat it :smiling_imp:

Mines is way easier to attain:

  1. eat small portions

  2. snack twice a day

  3. follow the health diet circle


Yeah I can definitely relate to this!
I’m the same way :frowning:

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It’s because you maybe treating food as a drug reward system, like your old alcohol days. Junk food has to be an abstinence type thing, however, it is difficult to relate food as a reward when you don’t get a high the same as alcohol, but the pleasure is similar. This is how the brain works. This is how addiction works.

Food can be a drug and rewards the pleasure centres in the brain. Adjusting this world view might help in recognising this habit and treating it the same as alcohol perhaps.

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Zzz :sleeping:
also remember to catch your z’s

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Close my eyes as I walk by a mirror and be happy I get to buy new clothes lol

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Mine is this:

  1. Eat the box’s prescribed portion of cereal for breakfast every morning with sugar and nonfat milk with black decaf coffee.
  2. Skip lunch.
  3. Eat the served dinner roll with butter, small salad and fatty dressing, soup, canned fruit, and entrée with starch and vegetable and always eat the served dessert. Only have one small helping of everything. Small meaning one quarter to one half cup.
  4. Engage in 35-40 minutes of yoga every day.
  5. Engage in 65 minutes of piano or keyboard practice everyday.
  6. Always take the stairs up in my apartment complex.

This regimen keeps me at my optimum weight at all times and keeps me fit as well.