My Upcoming Goal

To lasso a Rainbow and crash into a Pot of Gold.



I’m thinking along the lines of…


Schizophrenic Artists For Everyone

Something like that. I haven’t quite nailed down the acronym I want to use.

My brother is a screenwriter in the Canadian Film and Television industry. I’m going to run this by him and see if I can use some of his connections.

I’m going to pitch a Schizophrenia Television Event to our National Television Broadcaster, the CBC. Or it could even be a Documentary.

The idea would be to showcase Schizophrenic artists from around the globe/North America…singers, writers, dancers, painters, musicians…etc.

To shatter the myths of our affliction, and to raise money for Sz research.


“Aimless creativity can be self destructive. Creativity for the sense of purpose will set you on the path of realizing your true potential.”


(Did he just do that?? Yes.Yes I did! I just quoted myself again. I have the propensity to do that when I’m going crazy!)


Creativity is free-form ideas.

“creativity is free-form ideas”

That’s what I meant when I said my goal was to lasso a rainbow and crash into a pot of gold…in my Opener.

To harness and present all of that creativity on one stage…one platform for a larger audience. To raise a Pot of Gold for schizophrenia research! :sunny:

That’s an excellent goal, may the Force be with you

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If you can talk, you can sing
If you can smile, you can laugh
If you can walk, you can dance

If you can yell than get out of my house right now.