My uncle knows nothing about sz

My uncle just told me that I don’t need meds and that I just have to control my thoughts to cure sz lmao He doesn’t understand whats sz.




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Clearly he’s not educated on the issue


I mean the definition of sz is losing that control so its impossible to control my thoughts. I wouldn’t have been diagnosed with sz if I was able to control my thoughts off meds.


I had a friend tell me that I didn’t pray enough, and that if I was more spiritual it would go away. Ignorant people!


That really sucks sorry he isn’t understanding of your situation :frowning:


When people say that crap to me I get excited and say “Oh, wow! I never thought of it like that before! I am now cured! Thank you for your astounding wisdom to help me see things from an entirely new perspective that I definitely haven’t already heard fifteen times this week!” And then I glare and turn away.


Top tier sarcasm :laughing:


Weeelp I had a friend who was like “you just need to try harder”. Bleh.

Yeah, best to ignore people who are not educated on the matter.


It’s so annoying when those you meet (especially relatives) are an expert on the subject. I am now living with my elderly father and he too is an expert.


Well sz is a thought disorder so I can see why he would think that.
If only it was that simple though

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Thats about as good as when I told my therapist I don’t feel like doing anything so I’d just stare at the wall for hours. She said “well why don’t you just do something!”

Oh wow like I never thought of just doing something lol.
Then she gives me a pile of worksheets :smile:


My dad thinks I’m lazy and don’t take care of myself. I guess that’s true, but I also don’t seem to get a lot of sympathy or empathy from him and he seems to blame me for my lack of ability in life and functioning. I lack willpower and am messy and dirty. I guess only some folks can handle me. I’m lucky where I am at and what I have.


My brother and father understand that I need meds but my brother especially thinks that my disorder can be willed away by applying a more positive attitude.

He feels that my disorder is wholly a psychological problem.

This just shows how ignorant he really is.

I’ve explained to them both numerous times that what I have is essentially a biological based illness and medications are the mainstay treatment.

Both my father and brother feel that I have to be stronger and that I’m too weak willed.

They really don’t understand but my father is a lot more supportive than my brother.


Haha. My aunt had told me that all i need is a girlfriend and all my symptoms would vanish


My Dad was like that when I first had psychosis. He got me to ask my MH team about coming off them and how long I’d have to be on them ETC. Thinks medication is “unnatural”.

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The problem comes from applying moral value to productivity. Someone who is capable of doing a lot of things is not morally superior to someone who has trouble doing things. There is a truth to the idea that you can force yourself into productive habits. I mean, I used to struggle hard with showering. I would shower once a week tops. Then I started dating Mr. Star, and he would kick me out of his bed if I smelled. Never had trouble showering again, because I knew the penalty of not showering was greater than the discomfort of making myself shower.

But by the same token, there are days where I can sit and stare at my schoolwork for 4 hours straight with no distractions, and do zero assignments. Not because I just need to try harder. Because I’m paralyzed with the fear of doing it wrong, or trying and failing, of not being smart enough. And no amount of self talk was able to correct this problem. A med change was.


that’s nuts… if it was that easy to beat sz they we all wouldn’t be here i think.

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Thats what my therapist did so I quit therapy, she was ridiculous.


CBT allowed me to regain some control of my thoughts, it’s part of how I function on a low dose of meds. I can’t go entirely without meds, but I don’t need to take a lot of them. We tend to be capable of a lot more than our doctors give us credit for.