My Trio has 2 modes of communication

Three’s (really) company in the end.
I’m the third nostril in my home.

We have two speeds when it comes to communicating:

Screaming at one another.


so sorry…I don’t understand…you fight a lot there?

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I don’t understand what you mean. Can you be more specific?

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I was dishing about my folks.

It’s hard living with people.

We fight and I get blamed for speeding things up or raising voice.

You’ll like this part I hope:
I’ve on many occasions said I need to wear a body cam in order to reach fairness.

I’ve also said for my folks to put their grievances in an email. I could see it then, and remember it better. We run the household like it’s a company anyway.

And we paper over each fight with small talk the next morning.

Funniest thing is this is the “low hanging fruit” I could think of, I’m actually not in any pressing mood to disparage my folks.


As long as they’re not abusive, try to remind yourself they won’t be around forever and so try to cherish what time you do have with them


Please drop your concern in the suggestion box and I will respond in 7-10 business days. :joy:
I am sorry though, really. It is hard to live with people. I’m glad you seem to be able to keep a sense of humor despite the fighting.

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