My town has been taken over

Our big fair has rolled into town. All of main street and side streets are shut down. I want mini donuts but not worth it. I forgot to go to the bank which really sucks as it would be a long walk and no vehicle parking even vaguely close. Oh well the town will have fun.


When are your kids going? Are they excited?

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My adult kids are going and my teenage kids have no interest.


I hear ya. I live in a small tourist town in Minnesota. We have been officially inundated. This goes on until September before school starts again.


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New Orleans is like that. Mardi Gras is on and they shut down streets for the parades. Amazed me how they shut down whole blocks in minutes. Cops in NOLA have been doing it a while Iā€™d suspect. Still. Pain in the ass to move from place to place!

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Thankfully this one ends after the weekend

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The music is so loud I can clearly hear it on the deck. We are approx 1km away

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