My thumb is kind of getting infected

I’ve been cleaning it every day and keeping it well bandaged and dry but it is still getting infected. If it gets any worse tomorrow I’ll have to go get it checked out.

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What kind of an injury is it? I used to worry about infections. My mother was a germaphobe.

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I sliced my thumb on a tin can lid right to the bone. I should have gotten stitches but didn’t go in.

That sounds serious. How long has it been?

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Holy crap!!!

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İ have hand infection also.i m using antibiotic since 1 month but seems not to heal.good luck and best wishes.

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I think you should either see your primary dr today, or if they’re not available, go to urgent care today just to be safe


I think it happened Monday

Ouch! Yeah get it checked out by a doctor if it doesn’t get better in a couple of days.

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I’d get it checked out for surety.

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Are there red streaks extending outward from the site of the cut? Is there puss? Is it hot to the touch? Do you have a fever?

If yes to any of those, you NEED to go to a doctor or you risk losing your thumb, and possibly dying.


No to all. Just getting puffy and tender

That’s a relief. can you draw a circle around the red puffy area? If it grows beyond the circle, go to the doctor immediately. I almost lost my arm last year when I had a damn ingrown hair get infected.

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The puffy area is white. Not sure if that is better or worse than red

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A Couple Years Ago, I Cut My Finger (Almost Like a Paper Cut), By a Ripped Soda Can.

It Was a Quick Jagged Slice. I Quickly Washed it With Soap, And Bandaged it.

If (For Whatever Reason), If You Can’t Get to a Doctor, (You Should), But if You Can’t.

Go to Your Closest Pharmacy And Ask a Pharmacist if There is Something You Can Purchase Over The Counter to Prevent Infection.

If it Needs Stitches, Well…, Go. To. The. Doctor. As Soon as Possible.

For What it’s Worth

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