My thoughts again

I believed since the beginning in 2011 that I was in a fake, unreal artificial reality called the Matrix. Basically a lie. My mind was blank slated and I had severe stress, anxiety and psychosis. I thought I went through a wormhole or two and landed into a parallel universe where I didn’t exist. I really dont know or understand or comprehend what happened to me.

I felt like i was being followed by triangular or rectangular UFOs. Ive seen them at my house. Too many coincidences. My story is real unlike most people’s in the world.

I felt or believed I went to Mars.

I felt like i went to a universe where I didn’t exist like taking an experimental substance where I was booted out of the universe like Jason Traveler from “Flow my tears the policeman said…”

My mind is broken and destroyed and unreal and confusing.

It’s possible I’m not in a different or parallel universe…and I cannot cope with reality or the truth.

It would result in a broken heart or stroke or heart attack or something.

Maybe something else happened in 2013 because thats when I experienced something strange.

Aliens are most likely involved. I feel the world is a stage and we are the puppets for the aliens and they are the puppetmasters.

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Haven’t the meds helped with this?

Nope. It’s treatment resistant delusions and fear. Nothing helps except maybe a lobtomy which I refuse to have.

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