My thought stealing sister is coming to town

One of my sisters has been stealing my thoughts, I can feel it when she does, on the side of my head. She is planning to replace me in the family with one of her daughters, or both I don’t know. Now she is going to be in town next week and I am supposed to meet up with her and I am scared that that just lets her tap into my thoughts more. I will keep quiet, she talks a lot so it’s easy to just keep quiet around her. I will use my counting game that my doctor taught me and just focus on numbers so any thoughts she can steal will only be numbers and of no use to her.

that means she loves u.and understand what happened be4

probably one of her daughter comPlained about u be4.once make her she feel guilty that she misunderstood u.she loves u again.

I’ve tried to be my sister’s friend and always just got stabbed in the back for it. It’s like we both rely on my family financially and her on them as well as I for kid and dog sitting, the difference is my parents walk on egg shells around her, I swear she’s got dirt proof or something because they suffer to no end doing her favors.

There’s been a rarely broken silence between my sister and I ever since high school when our rooms were across the hall from each other and we’d smoke cigarettes and play Sega together. That was until borderline death threat boyfriend moved in, still don’t know how that guy entered and exited from the second floor. In later years our only common ground was her daughter in who’s life I had a huge part in. Until that last vestige of ties was sabotaged in ways I can’t wrap my mind around.

Your sister is not stealing your thoughts. I’m 99% sure that is impossible. Is your family open about your illness? Would it be safe to voice your fears to this sister? Or would that cause trouble for you? Maybe if you talk to her about it, it she will help you see that you are wrong.

thank you for responding. @mussel my sister is a bit ‘untouchable’ too but because she can be really awful if she thinks anyone is challenging her. @77nick77 thank you for reassuring me. I don’t think I will talk to her about it though. I did talk to my mum and told her about it all but I am scared of my sister and what she would do with that information.

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